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apk WWGW – "General Practitioner" Game Play

Oh. Wow. You really DO NOT get the right first impression from a glance. Now that Valve has implemented laxer polices on adult games, there’s a flood of game releases using similar 3D poseur art styles but which are essentially click-to-read porn comics. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but it’s a different emergent genre and market segment, creating room for confusion. So, when I saw the style, I assumed it was more of the same here, with every curator review more or less emphasized the same generics without even cracking the skin—but I was very, very mistaken. This game is a WHOLE lot of things, and most of which: ambitious.

The TUBEs cut off part of my review so I had to chunk it up a bit here, if you wan the full review check it here https://steamcommunity.com/groups/WeirdWonderfulGameWatch/discussions/5/3264459260620963889/

From the massive codex of medical conditions available and full text of the Hippocratic oath when you start out the game, its clearly something unusual. Maybe it’ll even help you with the MCAT. While the game’s got the appearance of a VN , it’s really a sort of simulator game with economic development and management that includes a lot of dialog options and romance. But it’s only once you’ve actually dived into the game that you get the impression that those are still tertiary means of describing the experience.

I’ll do my best to try to describe what precisely makes the game so uniquely different, though I think if you skip around the video you’ll pick up a better idea of exactly why/how things work, and what I mean by the alternatives that you’re either playing “max-professional doctor engaging in ethical romance only outside of work” versus “Sociopath Extraordinaire”. Which alternative, or something in between, is up to you. (With the video: my apologies on delays for some responses selections, it’s always a genre struggle though I tried to edit some spots down for ease. Which leads me to…. sorry for some confusing edits where I might’ve saved/reloaded).

This game is intricate, weird, and honestly creepy—yet how much is entirely at your discretion. I think a lot of that may come from the fact that you’re in a position of power that’s presented the alternative of disrobing patients as a necessity for your job or as a source of your own amusement. Of course, the characters react realistically and will reject getting naked if it seems outside the circumstances or uncomfortable—giving rise to another dimension of gameplay that amplifies the potential game experience gulf. In conversations, you’re perusing dialog options towards whatever ends, be it successfully completing an examination, or tricking the person into trusting you enough they will get naked. In effect, there’s sort of this reminder of game dialog (here especially, but even as a whole throughout the whole medium of gaming) as your means of manipulation towards pursing the outcome of your own desire.

You don’t have to play out the game in any fashion at all though, which is of course always welcome since different people have different tastes and find different fantasy content acceptable or past the line. While General Practitioner includes those alternatives to embrace darker fantasy alternatives, it’s at your own discretion whether you want to sexually harass your employees, degrade your patients, and manipulate everyone around you for your own pleasure. There are always going to be some people who find the mere alternatives unacceptable, though there’s also a niche audience undoubtedly grateful for the experience whom are more likely to enjoy this game anyway. At the end of the day, it’s all fantasy, and it’s worth remembering that kink is kink and not trying to delegate the bounds of absolute fiction.

You’ve got a lot of choice in this title, and this sim is certainly an odd beast that goes out of the way to cater towards variations of playstyle. Still, the intricate combination of medical diagnosis and creep simulator will still have you feeling like a total sociopath on some occasions, whether you’re trying to purposefully play it straight or whether you’re actively going for the most manipulative and exploitative options at your disposal. And if you are a sociopath then you probably won’t be feeling anything. Hah me and my jokes. While so much of the game is about knowing the right thing to say to get the right response, I’m also left looking back at most dialog driven gaming, wondering if it all had us playing sociopath sim from the get go, with each of our responses tailored to specific manipulation of people towards our goals without any real regard for them or their concerns. Fucking RPGs.

Check it out now on Steam!

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