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apk Marble Woka Woka APK

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Marble shooting games are your passion?
Run a marble into the chain of colored balls and create a blast to eliminate them. Become a Marble Legend!
Woka Woka is a free, action puzzle marbles game.
Remember, only the bravest can succeed in this marbles blast madness!
Key features:
★ Challenge levels: complete the challenge and earn a Purple Star! TIP: Use Purple Stars at the Shop.
★ Boss levels: will you manage to destroy the chain if the path is invisible?
★ Stone Marbles NEW! Destroy all the balls in front of the Stone to collect it!
★ Icing Blockers NEW! Fire a ball into the frozen ones to remove the ice. They can be destroyed only after the ice is removed. TIP: Fireball would be of great help!
★ Play with friends: Connect your Facebook account!
★ Spectacular, powerful boosters! Play and unlock them all.
★ Many deluxe powers to discover! Create combos to get amazing power-ups. Powerful Fireball is only one of them.
★ Short video tutorials to help with this shooting game
★ Amazing graphics
★ No Wi-Fi connection required, but you can unlock the full game features when connected to the internet

So, sit back at your wubble bubble ball and run the marbles kingdom!
If you’re looking for a free stress reliever, or want to play with kids, this ultra marble popper is waiting for you.

After the whirlpool accident, the river took Woka the Turtle far, far away. She woke up at the beach, of a completely unknown landscape. There’s no time to waste!
The Turtle needs to polish her weapon, as fight for survival starts immediately!

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Help us improve the game. We love your feedback. Contact us at [email protected]
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