How To Download Cydia On Android – Cydia APK Download 2019 apk download

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apk How To Download Cydia On Android – Cydia APK Download 2019

How To Download Cydia On Android – Cydia Android Download 2019

Hi guys. Today I’m going to show you how to get cydia on android devices for free. This is the only working cydia alternative for android. I guess you could call it an emulator but it can do pretty much everything the iphone version can. I had a lot of people asking about cydia tweaks on android but this is basically the cake right here. So anyways follow the instructions above, I tried to make it easy as possible. Just install the apk through the link provided and get to work!

The only tough part, which is actually very easy, is doing the content injection. Make sure you be patient with this part as you don’t want to screw it up and have to start over again. Do what the page says, install and open for 60 seconds, or get to the level in the game!

Cydia is basically the top tweaking app out right now. However, some think it’s only available for apple devices. Don’t worry though, the new dev team came out with a brand new fully functional android edition!

So thanks for watching!

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40 thoughts

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  1. If you have any troubles with the cydia android download, like the video and comment below!

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  7. !!! YES! Worked great on my ancient samsung galaxy s3! Now im off to discover the new features forr Cyndia 😀 Anything of note?

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  17. RD37 said:

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    i just followed the instructions and it worked just fine for me!

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