ENKAY THE LUDO QUEEN NOW HAS MERCH! | BBNaija Interview apk download

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This babe is actually hilarious! Could she have been misunderstood??? #Enkay #BBNaija #BBNaijaInterview …


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29 thoughts

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  1. FunTime said:

    She's cute, she should make money off the Cindy thing if they are both smart

  2. Calling out those things you thought they were!

  3. It's already too late we know what we saw, na biggie still make you clean body after the hug?

  4. Delphine you never disappoint. Your interviews are always interesting…

  5. I don't like this girl.. she is just pretending jare

  6. Toyin O said:

    This was fun to watch! I really enjoyed Enkay's banter in the house. So many laughs. Wishing her much success.

  7. She said “khafi and Gedoni, Mike and Ike» instead of “mercy and Ike “ 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Such a beautiful lady, too bod we misunderstood you.

  9. you didnt ask her about that mercy incident with ike's jacket ..na wa delphine

  10. Ethel Ee said:

    such a beauty !!!

  11. Please ENKAY own up for your pride, rudeness towards CINDY liar you never like CYNDY in the house, now see how LUDO sent you home !

  12. The delphinator strikes again with another awesome interview. Beautiful enkay ☺️

  13. Delphine your interviews are one of a kind😂😂😂😂

  14. Forget story u don`t like cindy its obvious. But meanwhile you are a sweet lady i like the way u smile

  15. Enkay you are beautiful but know that 80% of men would opt to marry a girl like Cyndy she is genuine and simple

  16. this girl feels too big. oozing pride

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