DeepNude – Stripping Any Girl Hacked And Can Be Download Free | DeepNude CRACK, FREE DeepNude apk download

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apk DeepNude – Stripping Any Girl Hacked And Can Be Download Free | DeepNude CRACK, FREE DeepNude

Hackers managed to crack the full premium version of the new DeepNude program, and put the application into free access to the network. Now, in order to strip any girl or celebrity in the photo, users do not have to pay.

In less than a day, the hacked version of the DeepNude program was posted on the Reddit network resource, which strips any girls in photos using neural network algorithms. The author of the hacked version revealed that it took about 4 hours to break into, and he did not find any harmful software or viruses in the program code. Initially, the developers of the application released a free version of their program, which had many limitations, and also marked the final photos of the girls with a variety of watermarks. Thanks to the hacked premium version, which the developers themselves estimated at more than 6 thousand rubles ($ 99), users can now download and receive high-quality photos and resolution with DeepNude, as well as get final images without any markings. The full version of the application takes about 3 GB of free space, and everyone can download DeepNude.

For the correct operation of the program for undressing the girls in the photos on your DeepNude computer, you need a high-quality and illuminated photo of the girl with the simplest posture possible; moreover, it is recommended that the girl initially had minimum clothing. Nevertheless, the results of the first version of DeepNude can hardly be called ideal, since neural networks do not always correctly build what users want to see under the clothes of girls.

At the same time, the authors of the new DeepNude application themselves, shortly after its launch, stated that they did not foresee so much interest of people in the new program, and therefore soon the developers’ servers did not cope with the load. Soon, the developers also decided to completely close their DeepNude program, and stop its sales and support. According to the authors, the world is not yet ready for such programs, and the developers themselves did not expect such a big hyip, and do not want to earn in this way. Despite the fact that the authors stopped the development and support of DeepNude, the author of the hacked version noted that it would be easy to create and modify the program’s analogues.

A full premium version of DeepNude without watermarks can also be found online on various resources. To work correctly, the application will require a powerful enough PC, since on weak machines, photo processing can take a very long time, and the program may not work properly with departures.
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