D7 (by AppSoGreat) – casual game for Android – gameplay. apk download

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apk D7 (by AppSoGreat) – casual game for Android – gameplay.

Simple rules:
Place the colored Dominoes with classical rules: adjacent blocks must be identical. The goal is to increase the areas of similar color up to the target. Once reached or exceeded, the colored area is cleared from the board and it gives more space to manage the other colors.

Main features:
– 2 grid sizes: both grid sizes don’t only change the pleasure of gaming. It also changes the game mechanics and the strategy.
– 3 game modes: select a fixed area target (7 or 9), or spice a bit the game with the challenge game mode. In the challenge one, the area target increases regularly… but surely.
– Scores board: share your best results with your friends. Can you beat them?

D7 sharpens your brain while relaxing. It is a fun way to chill.
If you like best mind games, top block puzzles, beautiful logical games or popular dominoes, then you will enjoy playing with this new free casual game from AppSoGreat.
D7 is a great casual game to sharpen your mind while relaxing. Try it now.

Requires: Android 4.1 +
Requires internet connection: NO (you can play it offline)
File size: 4 Mb apk
Free version of the game

Google Play download URL:

Alternative download URL (plus all versions of the game):

Paid version (free at the moment)
Google Play download URL:

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