APK Series 1 – Tehran 2 (Full length in English) apk download

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apk APK Series 1 – Tehran 2 (Full length in English)

Award-winning TV Chef Ariana Bundy again explores the Iranian capital Tehran in this episode from her series Ariana’s Persian Kitchen which first launched on Nat Geo People.


واتساب بلس
27 thoughts

27 thoughts

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  1. Love persian food and presentations so elegant and classic . My boyfriend is Kurdish persian 4 years strong who cooks very well , I am filipina american and get to eat all the delicious fresh food 😉 though I am eating more fish then meat I love Lubjia polo with salmon. I love all the fresh herbs, nuts and sangak

  2. Su Nu said:

    What's the name of the song at 1:15?

  3. looloo_q8 said:

    The french there surprised me 🎶 awesome videos ariana keep them coming 🌸

  4. theres no trouble with shakin her hands when she introduce her?????

  5. Yohan Cha said:

    i want to invite you to my house as a cook forever

  6. من نمی تونم این ویدئو رو بیشتر از این ببینم. گشنه ام شدم 😭

  7. من نمی تونم این ویدئو رو بیشتر از این ببینم. گشنه ام شدم 😭

  8. خودت رو خفه نکنی

  9. درود بر شما. کار شما عالیه و حرف نداره 😇😇

  10. Diba Gol said:

    I want to visit iran soon thank you so much for these videos

  11. Hana Hana said:

    آریانای عزیز شما که دیگه تو خارج بودی و میدونی که دست زدن به خوراک عمومی کار قشنگی نیست شما هی با دستت به همه خوراکی ها دست زدی و در دهنت گذاشتی و دوباره به خوراکی دست زدی . شما که میدونی این کار بهداشتی نیست .

  12. Sara Ali said:

    I was in Tehran for a couple of months,I really tried many kinds of food there, I didn't like it the taste and smell was awful.. Finally I cooked by myself

  13. AR S said:

    if it's no trouble could you give me the address for the dizi joint? thank you

  14. Tu est tres belle Ariana! J’aime votre channel, merci! J’aime tout les chose D’Iran.. J’espere allez a Iran un jour…😉

  15. Taylor 1 said:

    My mouth is watering as I watch you eat those foods in the first restaurant and the other foods as well, even the dried fruits and the nuts 😩

  16. خیلی مشتاق بودم کسی رو پیدا بکنم که نوری تابانده باشه به آشپزی مغفول مانده ایران و شما بیشک نوری درخور توجه تاباندید . بسیار ذوق زده ام از یافتن کانالتان و خوشحالم که کسی هست و امیدوارم کانالتون هر روز بیشتر مخاطب جذب کنه بلکه انسانهای کمتری ، بی نصیب از دنیای زیبای آشپزی ایرانی از دنیااااااا برن 🙂

  17. hi.. as i remember for making that persian traditional drink ( tokhme sharbati ) is used which is basil seeds and when you mix it with water it has the same effect like chia seeds .

  18. thank you so much for sharing this video good job 👌👌👌

  19. I spend my 14 months in Iran ❤️people there are so humble and nice ❤️food was damnn good i tasted diffrnt types of food there ✌🏻 but i missed tehran🤦🏻‍♂️ i hve visited abadan,lingeh,bandarabbbas,khoramsheher,kish island,busher etc

  20. Great video! Thanks Ariana joon🙏you took me home(Tehran) & back!🤗 I haven’t been home for years & miss it everyday🥺😭

  21. You have a great channel. Im visiting iran in September with my wife . We dont know anyone there but hopefully it will be fun.

  22. Asal M said:

    فقط یه ایرانی میتونه بعنوان حجاب یه شال اینجوری نصفه نیمه بندازه سرش و در کشورهای خارجی بچرخه و تابلو باشه 😂😂😂😂 همه جای دنیا اگر زنی حجاب بذاره کامل می ذاره یا کلا نمی ذاره. نه اینجور مسخره بازی

  23. Awesome 👏 made my day beautiful.. thanks indeed Ariana..warm greetings from kish island🌺🌺

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